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Safecracker Lösung

Hier oben siehst Du eine Übersicht der Safecracker: Das ultimative Puzzleabenteuer Cheats / Komplettlösungen. solltest Du Schwierigkeiten mit den Cheats. Safecracker: Das ultimative Puzzleabenteuer Cheats / Komplettlösungen: Versuch es erst mal selbst und wenn es dann nicht klappt: hier ist die Lösung: Klick. Es sind leider noch keine Komplettlösung zu Safecracker: Das ultimative Puzzle Abenteuer vorhanden. Mach mit – sei der Erste und sammle 4Players-Punkte.

Komplettlösung & Spieletipps zu Safecracker: Das ultimative Puzzle Abenteuer

Komplettlösung Safecracker: Der Anfang, Raum 1: Rezeption. Safecracker (Lösung/FAQ). Andere Systeme: [Macintosh] [PC] Genre: Knobelspiel/Puzzle Erschienen: Entwickler: Spiele dieses Entwicklers Daydream. Hier oben siehst Du eine Übersicht der Safecracker: Das ultimative Puzzleabenteuer Cheats / Komplettlösungen. solltest Du Schwierigkeiten mit den Cheats.

Safecracker Lösung safecracker Video

QX3 safe auto dialer automatic safecracker system- HKS Systems Lock \u0026 Key 847 204 7046

Sie machen Unternehmercoaching, Premium Casino die. - Der Anfang

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External links PCGamingWiki. Write a comment Share your gamer memories, help others to run the game or comment anything you'd like. Any Windows Mac.

Send comment. Download Safecracker Windows We may have multiple downloads for few games when different versions are available. Just one click to download at full speed!

Windows Version. Öffnet die vor Euch befindliche Tür, in dem Ihr diese anklickt und verlasst die Telefonzelle. Nehmt nun den folgenden Weg: vor, vor, vor, rechts drehen, vor, vor über den Zebrastreifen , links drehen, vor, vor, nach rechts drehen.

Was denkst du? Folgt hier dem Weg nach vorne, umgeht den Brunnen nach links, steigt die Treppe hoch, dreht Euch nach rechts und folgt nochmals der Treppe.

Steht Ihr nun vor der Eingangstür, dreht Euch nach links. Ihr seht nun genau vor Euch die Tür und links daneben links oberhalb des Briefschlitzes am Türrahmen einen kleinen, viereckigen Verschlag.

Klickt nun auf dem Tastenfeld die Ziffern '' ein und betätigt dann die Entertaste. Klickt Ihr danach auf die Eingangstür, öffnet sich diese.

The Basement. The Entrance to the cellar:. Take the stairs going down from the hallway off the Dining Room and the Study.

Electrical panel:. Aim - To get light up all the bulbs on the left by making a path from the right electrical source to the left.

Turn the knobs on top and right side to adjust the metal bars to make a continuous path. The lights are on. Aim - To light up every second bulb and turn only at corners that are lit to end up at the last bulb on the right.

Take the GPS keycard and the brass key. Place the piston taken from the small sitting room safe at the middle empty slot. The left cylinder has 3 levels, the middle has 5 and the right has 8 levels.

The right cylinder is filled to 8 levels. See water fill the fountain at the Winter Garden. The Second Floor. Use the brass key taken from the Wine Cellar safe to open the side door of the Dining Room.

Climb up to the second floor. West Corridor:. Note that the up arrow goes up 5 levels and the down arrow goes down 7 levels.

Take the special pipe key. Aim - To decode the numbers on the top using the letters at the stone block below.

Place the stone block taken from the metal loop safe on the frame. Using the Polybius square, decode the numbers on the top and enter them on the dials.

Check here to learn about Polybius Square. Solution: Click here. Clue - Take note of the shapes formed by colored wires and the layers the wires are set.

The panel opens to show 4 different colored wires surrounding the 9 button screws. The laser rays on the door are turned off. Read the letter from Edward on the window seat.

Look close at the small safe on the table. Flip the switch on the power strip and the secret compartment opens.

Take the magnetic pass and the snooker rules. Aim - To find the correct set of numbers based on the frequency of the phone keypad dial tone.

Insert the small iron key taken from the music box at the Violet Bedroom on the keyhole at top left. Turn the key to on position. Press the speaker button on the telephone.

Press the number keys for a set of trial numbers. If one or more green light flickers, it means that out of the 4 trial numbers, there are numbers that are correct.

If there one or more green light that stays on, it means that the number is correct and is at the correct position in the sequence. There are only 4 chances to select the correct numbers before the puzzle resets to a new code.

This is shown by the red lit bars on the radio. This is a random puzzle. MrLipid states that the end number is always 9. Take the chip card.

Clue - Read the snookers rule paper taken from the Yellow Room and check ALL the balls on and under the snookers table.

Take note of the numbers seen on and given to a colored ball from the rule paper. What is the difference between the balls on the paper and the table?

Take the fountain plug and lever. Click on the left downward arrow ten times, so that the outer L lines up with the inner E.

The letters at the bottom of the safe translate to:. Enter 6 4 1 2 on the dials. Take the photo and 8-pin circuit. Next stop: the Study. Enter the Winter Garden from the Hall where you first started out.

Pan down and place the fountain plug that you obtained in the Games Room. To do so, each of the four fountain plugs must be turned until you see a water stream flowing from it to the fountain.

If you need to, just walk away from the fountain to reset it. Turn left and go clockwise around the fountain twice, then take two more steps, to end up at the plug opposite the Hall, near the windows.

Take the double key. Now we're going to the Museum to complete the raised panels. Right-click to bring up inventory, then left-click on the paper obtained in the Small Corridor to examine it - Right-click twice to close inventory.

Enter 4 2 9 8 on the keypad to the right of the double doors. Go on in, then turn slightly right and go forward. Click on the double doors to open them.

Turn slightly right and go forward to the first Museum safe. Use the T-shaped key obtained in the Workshop to open the cabinet.

Take the piston and head to the Basement. Go back to the Study, then through the door you opened with the red magnetic card, into the little room with green walls, turn left, and go down the stairs.

At the far end of the Dining Room is a locked door. Open it with the brass key you obtained in the Basement. Go through it to the Bottom of the Main Staircase.

It would be a good idea to open the bolted door to the Hall while you're here. If you're following my path through the game, then go up to the Second Floor, to the Kitchen.

At the top of the stairs, turn right and go forward to the bolted door. Open it, and go through to the kitchen. First off, head to the right and open the bolted door - it goes to the small hallway where you cracked that first safe.

From the point where you unbolted the door, turn left and click on the corner safe for a closeup. After a few clicks, our boy will say he's seen the pattern somewhere before.

It's actually in the menu background, under the phone cord:. Click on the dials in the following order:.

Take the paper from the top shelf, then pull the handle on the lower shelf. See three panels raise up from the Museum floor. We can solve two of them now:.

Place the symbols so that there is one of each in every row and column. Here is one solution:. You can have one square left and still win.

If you're following along chronologically, you don't have the code to the third panel yet Enter the code from the paper you obtained by winning the Racing Game in the Games Room : A magic square is revealed.

You, as the safecracker, must follow the trail of clues left in the old man's safes to find the will. All of this is conveyed in the voiceover that kicks off the game.

Oddly enough, the game never states its title. There is a title sequence, but the title, Safecracker, never appears. Once the title voiceover ends, it's time to start opening safes.

No pressure, though, because there is no time limit in Safecracker The game does keep track of how long a player takes to get to the end, but there is no penalty for taking as long as one pleases.

After cracking the first safe, the player will discover there are now three safes, which can be cracked in any order.

Crack one of the three and others become available. Eventually, all safes will need to be opened to complete the game.

There may be one or two that could be skipped, but where's the fun in that?

No One Lives Forever - Safecracker Scene 6: Safecracker So, we are finally at Dumas' office - let's crack his safe and get out of here. It's no simple task a. Safecracker 2 Walkthrough Teil 1 Safecracker 2 Playlist: The most popular method of safecracking is to simply steal the entire safe and move it to a location where the safecracker has the time and tools to take the safe apart and remove its contents. However, when design or circumstances do not permit this, the safecracker must contend with the locking mechanism. Lösung öffnen: weitere Infos zum Spiel findest du in unserer Spieleliste: Diese Lösung liegt nur im PDF-Format vor, welches mit dem kostenlosen Acrobat-Reader geöffnet werden kann. Den zurzeit aktuellsten Acrobat-Reader kannst du hier herunterladen. Solltest du Probleme beim Öffnen der Lösung haben, schau bitte in unseren FAQs vorbei. Safecracker: The Ultimate Puzzle Adventure- Full walkthrough all the safes! - Duration: XenoSophos 47, views. McHale's Navy Full Episodes: Season 2x20 | "Evil-Eye Parker" -. Enter the trial code 5 times before trying another set of code. Depending on the owner's needs, a safe may be wall-mounted, set into and seemingly under the floor or Spielemacher bolted to the ground. First look Revierderby Schalke Dortmund the free-standing safe with the game of pipes Geldspielautomaten Kostenlos the front. This is an imaginary driving and no action on the screen Marathonbet Bonus seen. Aim - To find out the code based on Kinderspiele Bitte incomplete readout of the reader. By pressing each number four times, you can Www.Blinde Kuh Spiele.De that only 6, Poker Baden Baden, 8, and 9 move a bar on the left of the safe. The safe in the loft may be just a pile of pixels, but when its massive door swings open, I'm Gleichstand Beim Tennis its hinges need Em Achtelfinale Prognose. Click on the second mirror over the globe to direct the laser beam down. Take the resistor and the paper from the drawer that opens, then head Premium Casino to the Hall where you first started by turning around and going forward twice. Open it with the brass key you obtained in the Basement. There is also a white ball on the table Inhaltsverzeichnis 1 Komplettlösung Safecracker 1. Aim - Premium Casino raise the water level in the glass case and get the key. Start with the light on at the 5th level: up 10thup 15thdown 8thup 13thdown 6thup 11thdown 4thup 9thdown 2ndup 7th and up to 12th level. Diese Lösung liegt nur im PDF-Format vor, welches mit dem kostenlosen Acrobat​-Reader geöffnet werden kann. Den zurzeit aktuellsten. Komplettlösung Safecracker: Der Anfang, Raum 1: Rezeption. Suchergebnis für Safecracker | Deutsch - PC. Gamepages? 1. Safecracker: Das Ultimative Puzzle Abenteuer, PC. 2. Safecracker, PC. 3. SafeCracker 2, PC. 4. Es sind leider noch keine Komplettlösung zu Safecracker: Das ultimative Puzzle Abenteuer vorhanden. Mach mit – sei der Erste und sammle 4Players-Punkte.
Safecracker Lösung Safecracker The Ultimate Puzzle Adventure Walkthrough at You can buy Safecracker the Ultimate Puzzle Adventure (released in ) from several sites, including Steam and Amazon.. You can also buy the predecessor "Safecracker" (without "Ultimate Puzzle Adventure" in the title) which was released in or so, but it's really hard to find. Description of Safecracker Windows. , the year Safecracker was released on Windows, as well as Mac. Made by Daydream Software AB and published by DreamCatcher Interactive Inc., Octagon Entertainment, Inc., this puzzle game is available for free on this page. The original Safecracker was a puzzle game with an adventure veneer. The player, in the role of a security expert applying for a job with Crabb & Sons Safe Company, had to audition by cracking every safe in the company's headquarters within 12 hours.
Safecracker Lösung Man sollte die Speicherfunktion durchaus in Anspruch nehmen. Nimm sie auf und lies sie. Wenn Du Safecracker auch Tipico Stuttgart oder die Meinung anderer Spieler lesen möchtest, dann geht es hier lang. Klickst Du es dann erneut an, ist es wieder im Originalzustand.

Guthaben und Premium Casino so leicht wie mГglich machen. - Raum 1: Rezeption

Du siehst das Prinzip: Alles hat eine Verbindung.


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